@Built_to_Fail It's tricky, but once you've managed to pull it off once, it's hard to resist going for the tow cable take down every time ;)-1 hour 14 min ago
@HereticalGamer Sounds like your weekend is going to be pretty busy! Let us know what you wind up picking up :)-1 hour 19 min ago
@Built_to_Fail We know the feeling! From Snowspeeders to speeder bikes, it's hard to pull away from.-1 hour 24 min ago
@imthedoctor8_3 Glad you like it! In the time you've played, what have been your go-to Star Cards?-1 hour 37 min ago
You can drive Ken Block's 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn in @NFSNL! Download: @kblock43 hour 40 min ago